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Personal Info Name: Ann Age: 14 Location: Edmonton Sex: Female… - Add_me_hp

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September 18th, 2006

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12:33 pm

Personal Info
Name: Ann
Age: 14
Location: Edmonton
Sex: Female

Harry Potter Related
Favourite HP book: Prisoner of Azkaban and/or The Half-Blood Prince
Least favourite book: Chamber of Secrets
Favourite HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban ... it's just for Draco
Least favourite movie: Don't know. Philosopher's Stone.
Favourite character: Ron
Least favourite character: Peter Pettigrew
Favourite ship: Draco/Hermione ... forbidden love, so fiesty
Least favourite ship: The really REALLY odd ones, such as Hermione/Snape. Gosh!
Favourite house: I like Slytherin only for Draco. In reality, I am more of a Gryffindor person. So, Gryffindor.

Harry Potter Fandom Related
Favourite fanfiction (title/author/ship): None at present
Favourite author: See above
Favourite fan art: HP sticks, Potterpens, Potterpuffs
Favourite artist: Refer to responses above

Outside HP world
Music: Keane, Travis, Lifehouse, Bethany Joy (lovely voice) etc. But seriously, I need a new muse.
Likes: Draco, fashion, reading, travelling, romance, fanfictions, the list goes on
Dislikes: Having annoying siblings, cold rainy days, my big family (at times), having no confident, math and sucking at it, and so on
Other Interests: I guess that can go in the "the list goes on" phrase
Anything else you want to include: Hmm... that I am still obsessing over Draco?

Current Mood: calmcalm

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