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Meet other HP fans!

A Harry Potter adding community!
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I started this community a while back, to have a place where Harry Potter fans can come and meet each other. Sadly, my community died. But I'm trying to have it make a come back. So go ahead and join and make some more friends!!!

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1) Don't be one of those idiots who go around bashing Harry Potter fans. You're not welcome here, have a nice day.

2) Be nice! Man...if I had a quarter every time I heard a H/Hr shipper and a R/Hr shipper go at it...*rolls eyes*

3) Please, if you're going to add someone, or want people to add you, make sure you're going to comment. Don't even bother joining if you're going to be like "Like omgz!!!1one! I am going to add everyone to like, make my friends list bigger!!" Yeah-heh...none of that...O_o

4) No one under 13. It's a Live Journal rule, please kindly follow it.
If you feel the need to advertise a community, don't over do it ok? Thanks.

5) This is a friending community, so get to know each other! we all have already established that we have one common interest,so run with it! have fun! it's all we ask. :))

6)You can post your application more than once! Just please wait a day or two before you post it again.

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Here is the lovely application that will help people find out who you are! Remember kidos, LJ cuts are your friend! <*lj-cut*>ENTER TEXT<*/*lj-cut*> (Just remove the stars!

Personal Information:
Harry Potter related:
Favorite HP book:
Least Favorite book:
Favorite HP movie:
Least Favorite movie:
Favorite HP Character:
Least favorite Character:
Favorite ship:
Least favorite ship:
Favorite House:
Harry Potter Fandom related:
Favorite Fan fiction (title/author/ship):
Favorite Author:
Favorite Fan art:
Favorite Artist:
Outside the HP world:
Other interests:
Anything else you want to include:

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Please contact either sully_is_hott to be added here!